If you think that your child is a prodigy
India's Biggest Child Talent Hunt 
An Initiative to Recognize
Child Prodigies

This December 27th

at Bangalore

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Kids can be good actors, The Media is looking for such talent and Syrafills Media not only promotes but will make it so viral so that it reaches out to potential industry 

Tender voices are always divine and bringing them to the limelight is always a dream to Syrafills Media

Tiny little feets making those good moves and ICP appreciates those moves and bring them to the Media

Where music is considered as the eternal voice of God and when children play those music and Syrafills Media brings them to limelight

A tiny little accounting kid actually could be the economist of future India and Syrafills Media is waiting to bring them to the limelight

What makes colors! Kids make colors, their childhood has taught a lot of colors and ICP is looking for those tiny little artists 

Papers and Colors, tender creativity makes the world Syrafills Media is looking for those artistic kids to feature on ICP

Future India is looking for early scientists as Syrafills Media is looking for such tiny scientist to be featured on ICP

What more can we ask? when kids make those soothing poetries and write-ups and ICP is looking for such kids

Little Princesses! Little Superstars! get ready to walk the ramp on ICP-2020 as Syrafills Media is looking for tiny little kids to be featured on ICP Awards

Innovation has made mankind different and when Innovations are made by those tiny kids! its a great honor to feature the future of India

Tiny Chefs! get ready to show us what you can do for the Jury of ICP-2020, Syrafills Media is looking for tiny chefs to be featured on ICP

Nature!, Street!, Product! or Wildlife photography is the eye of the world and when those tiny eyes focus their lenses Syrafills Media brings their pictures to reality 

A sensible social service is always required for future India and when kids make such contribution they are awarded on ICP-2020

The brain behind everything is Education and Syrafills Media projects the brains who are excellent in Education

Last Date for Entries: 15th SEP 2020

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